About JLM

“JLM” is a specialist independent advisor to companies operating in the recruitment sector. We provide comprehensive advice on a range of topics related to the structure and management of Contingent Workers (contractors) when they are working across international borders. 

Over the past few years, cases of mismanagement of contractors have become more and more prevalent as countries increasingly strengthen their response to misclassification and tax evasion. At “JLM” we believe that the compliant path is the prudent path to take. 

Our objective is to provide the expert advice and support to enable you to make commercial decisions based on that knowledge. This will allow you to concentrate your efforts on your core competencies, knowing that your contractors are structured correctly and that risks for everyone are minimised.

With the benefit of many years experience, “JLM” is able to provide advice to companies operating in a range of disciplines, including IT, Telecoms, Oil + Gas, Mining, Engineering, Banking and the Pharmaceutical sector.

Currently “JLM” offers advice and services in over 60 countries. The range of topics includes:

  • Knowledge of the rules of engagement for compliant contractor management 
  • Audit of current contractors ascertaining the way that they are structured in the country of work and the degree of compliance delivered
  • Audit and advice on management companies and the solutions they offer
  • Individual and new country research regarding supplying contractors into new locations.
  • Establishing partnerships and companies in countries where you are looking to expand.
  • Identifying the costs associated with the employment of contractors internationally.
  • Seminars for sales and back office personnel offering advice on the compliant management of contractors together with associated risks and costs for getting it wrong
  • Ad hoc and bespoke advice on international contractor management.
  • An independent “on call” service

For an extended list of all “JLM” can offer, please see services