JLM Compliance Ltd

ThailandIn today’s global economy international borders have become far more transparent, with the result that demand for a flexible workforce has never been greater. This has opened up an array of opportunities for both employers and individual workers in terms of mobility. Whilst the ease with which workers and workforces can transcend boundaries has resulted in efficiency, cost savings and global growth for companies, the burden of country-specific legislation in respect of employment law, immigration and taxation still needs to be considered and as we shall see has implications for all parties in the recruitment process.

The services of an expert who understands best practices in engaging global contingent workforces can alleviate the risks involved, by ensuring that compliance with local tax and employment regulations is followed. This will not only ensure that procedures are correctly followed but will also lessen risks and potentially significant consequences and costs for all those in the chain.

You would not go to court without first taking legal advice. In the same way you should not operate a contingent workforce without seeking expert advice to ensure you get it right the first time. This will avoid the pitfalls that can result in damaging situations with associated costs and penalties as well as commercial consequences that will impact on your business.

JLM Compliance (“JLM”) can point you in the right direction. There are many rules and regulations to be aware of, but if they are followed correctly from the outset the placement of contractors internationally should be relatively straightforward.